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Ended 8 Episodes
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Taking place several years after he made it back to the majors only to fake his death and head home, Season 4 finds Kenny a new man: working at a car-rental outlet, dabbling in screenwriting, attempting to enjoy couples nights. The vices of his playing days are a thing of the past...until Kenny runs into former teammates and current talk-show host Guy Young who convinces Kenny to get back in the game as a celebrity "titan" who deserves greatness and the lifestyle of the rich, famous and arrogant.
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Eastbound & Down - Season 4 - 8 Episodes
1 Image mirrors-32334-backdrop.jpg Chapter 222013
2 Image Transporter 3 Chapter 232013
3 Image transporter-3-32337-poster.jpg Chapter 242013
4 Image transporter-3-32337-backdrop.jpg Chapter 252013
5 Image Resident Evil: Degeneration Chapter 262013
6 Image Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Chapter 272013
7 Image Be Kind Rewind Chapter 282013
8 Image Wanted Chapter 292013
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