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Ended 10 Episodes
Image Singin’ in the Rain
In 1983, personal computing was anyone's game. Navigating the thin line between visionary and fraud, genius and delusion, an unlikely trio - a visionary, an engineer, and a prodigy - take personal and professional risks in the race to build a computer that will change the world as they know it. The battle for CTRL begins.
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44m, 60m, 45m, 43m, 47m 2014 101 views

Halt and Catch Fire - Season 1 - 10 Episodes
1 Image The Sound Barrier I/O2014
2 Image the-sound-barrier-46682-poster.jpg FUD2014
3 Image the-sound-barrier-46682-backdrop.jpg High Plains Hardware2014
4 Image The Golden Coach Close to the Metal2014
5 Image The Sound Barrier Adventure2014
6 Image Europe ’51 Landfall2014
7 Image europe-51-46687-poster.jpg Giant2014
8 Image europe-51-46687-backdrop.jpg The 214s2014
9 Image Deadline – U.S.A. Up Helly Aa2014
10 Image deadline-u-s-a-46690-poster.jpg 19842014
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