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Ended 23 Episodes
A genetics professor. A hospice nurse. A single mom. A street cop. A small town cheerleader. A tormented artist. A computer geek. From places as divergent as Tokyo, India, New York City and Odessa, Texas — they appear to be ordinary people. But they're beginning to find out they're not like everyone else. In fact, they're meant for something much more... Heroes tells the fascinating story of people discovering remarkable abilities — to transport through time and space, to hear another's thoughts, to be physically indestructible, to paint the future. Each must contend with their unique power. And as they struggle to make sense of what and why all this is happening, destiny will ultimately bring them together to change our world.
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43m 2006 325 views

Heroes - Season 1 - 23 Episodes
1 Image Genesis2006
2 Image Don't Look Back2006
3 Image One Giant Leap2006
4 Image Collision2006
5 Image Hiros2006
6 Image Better Halves2006
7 Image Nothing to Hide2006
8 Image Seven Minutes to Midnight2006
9 Image Homecoming2006
10 Image Six Months Ago2006
11 Image Fallout2006
12 Image Godsend2007
13 Image The Fix2007
14 Image Distractions2007
15 Image Run!2007
16 Image Unexpected2007
17 Image Company Man2007
18 Image Parasite2007
19 Image .07%2007
20 Image Five Years Gone2007
21 Image The Hard Part2007
22 Image Landslide2007
23 Image How to Stop an Exploding Man2007
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