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The crew of the Nathan James is shifting their attention to Asia after President Michener hears rumblings that the Chinese leader has been hoarding the "Scott cure" instead of distributing it to the people in the region. Michener sends Chandler to a global summit to investigate this allegation, as well as rumors of a possible mutation of the original virus that has caused a fresh outbreak in Japan.
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41m 2016 34 views

The Last Ship - Season 3 - 13 Episodes
1 Image The Scott Effect2016
2 Image Rising Sun2016
3 Image Shanzhai2016
4 Image Devil May Care2016
5 Image Minefield2016
6 Image Dog Day2016
7 Image In the Dark2016
8 Image Sea Change2016
9 Image Paradise2016
10 Image Scuttle2016
11 Image Legacy2016
12 Image Resistance2016
13 Image Don't Look Back2016
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